How to Make Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce at Home


There are different kinds of ways in the world to cook food but the way that attracted me the most is the Japanese Teriyaki cooking style. Basically Teriyaki is derived from two Japanese words- Teri means the shine of the food and yaki means the method of grilling.

So Teriyaki style is basically a cooking method that actually describes boiled, grilled or pan-fried food. So teriyaki is just a style of cooking and the sauce that I am going to tell you today is used in this method. The name of the sauce is Teriyaki Sauce.

This sauce can be your perfect alternative to your particular soy sauce because it is Keto, Sugar-Free and has a very low amount of carbohydrates. This is the reason why this sauce is healthy as well.

This Teriyaki Sauce uses a kind of gluten-free soy sauce known as Tamari, Xanthan Gum is used instead of Cornstarch, Granulated Erythritol as the replacement Sugar and for the replacement of Soy, we have Coconut Aminos.

So now you must be very excited to know the Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce recipe. So without waiting more, let’s check it out. But first, let’s check out all the ingredients required to make this sauce at home.

Ingredients For Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce

Ingredients Amount
Toasted Sesame Oil1 tbsp
Garlic Cloves (Minced)1
Ginger (Peeled and Grated)3 cm
Tamari¼ cup
Coconut Aminos  1 tbsp
Granulated Erythritol 3 tbsp
Water¾ cup
Apple Cider Vinegar ½ tsp
Cracked Back Pepper ⅛ tsp
Onion Powder 1 pinch
Xanthan Gum¼ tsp

You can get these ingredients from any of the supermarket near your home and some of the ingredients must be already present in your kitchen as well.

Now many of you must be thinking that how much time it will take to make this healthy teriyaki sauce at home. Don’t worry, because I’ve mentioned the compete time duration below.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
1 minute2 minutes3 minutes

Now comes the part for what we all have been waiting for. Yes! I am taling about the directions to make this Teriyaki Sauce. So let’s check it out.

Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce Recipe

Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce recipe
  1. Take a pan and put it on a medium heat.
  2. Put sesame oil in it and fry ginger and garlic in it for around 1 minute.
  3. Now to the pan,add black pepper, onion powder, soya sauce, water, coconut aminos, soya sauce, tamari and Granulated Erythritol and cook it for around 5 minutes. 
  4. Now to this mixture, gently put xanthan gum, while whisking the sauce simultaneously. 
  5. This will thicken the sauce and put in a jar at room temperature.

Now, your Sugar-Free Keto Teriyaki Sauce is ready. Now you can use this sauce as a marinade or a glaze to elevate the taste of the cuisines you are making.

Nutritional Breakdown of Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce

For all the health conscious people out there, I’ve mentioned the nutritional breakdown of the Teriyaki Sauce below.

Carbohydrates1.5 g
Protein1 g
Fat1.8 g
Sodium517 mg
Fiber0.2 g
Sugar0.3 g

How to Make Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce at Home| Video

So to make the cooking task easier for you, I’ve added a video below. After watching the video, it’ll be easier for you to make this Keto sauce at home.

Keto Teriyaki Sauce and Glaze | Keto Japanese Recipes | Keto Recipes
Video by Keto Meals and Recipes

I hope you’ve liked this recipe of Sugar-Free Teriyaki. If yes, then do share your reviews in the comments section below. Till then, stay tuned for more recipes like these,

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