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When you’ll search on the internet- What is Cooking?

You get various answers like- Cooking is a practice of preparing food using heat or Cooking refers to the ways in which food is transformed by applying heat. I bet there are hundreds on definitions of cooking on the internet, but I have a different definition of cooking.

For me, Cooking is an art that you create using various ingredients of nature. And for me, the person who cooks the food is an artist. Everybody has a different way of cooking food, similar to every artist has a different way of painting art.

If you are really passionate about this art of cooking, then it is your turn to share your art with everyone else in the world. TheFoodXP is looking for people who believe that they have a recipe that is needed to be shared with everyone else in the world.

If you are one of these people, then you can share your recipe with everyone. But before sharing your recipe, here are some content submission guidelines that you need to consider.

Recipe Submission Guidelines

  1. Your recipe must include all the ingredients (with quantities) and all the steps properly.
  2. How much time will the recipe take to prepare and the Number of Serving is mandatory.
  3. Your recipe must have a brief introduction.
  4. You should include a picture of the recipe that you are sharing.
  5. The recipe you will be sharing must not be copied from some other food blog.
  6. Please include your brief bio too, so we could know who is behind this creation.
  7. Hyperlinks must be added properly to your post (if any).
  8. Your recipe will be reviewed and edited (if necessary) before the publishing.
  9. After publishing the recipe, TheFoodXP will have the rights to do any kind of placement on the page of your article.
  10. The team of TheFoodXP will contact you within 48 hours after you’ll have your recipe submitted.

How to Sumit Your Recipe

To submit your recipe, you can contact our team at thefoodxp[at] or tamana.k[at]

You can also contribute your recipes by using the form embedded below.

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