How to Lose Weight and Feel Full at the Same Time

Measuring Weight

In a day and age where everyone is mindful of the digits on the scale, we all know the importance of healthy eating. As far as body weight is concerned, the deal is very simple… you are what you eat! But if you are like most people out there trying to lose weight, you know all too well that there’s more to weight loss than meets the eye. It is a journey, one that is accompanied by a handful of challenges that make most people abandon their goals at some point.

Well, one of the most common challenges faced by weight loss enthusiasts is that you have to control your portions. You have to be watchful of your caloric intake and you pretty much have to ensure you don’t overfeed. From periods of hunger alongside recurrent cravings for junk to stomach rumbling, the struggle is real people! This is not to mention that you have to put in the work at the gym to realize your goals faster. But of all this, hunger is perhaps the most intimidating experience.

The Secret

The good thing is that it’s all about playing with your mind, hunger triggers, and hormones that regulate hunger. It’s all about deceiving your mind that the stomach is full, so hunger hormones are not secreted. As Megan Ayala’s weight loss resources point out, changing your perception towards diet and how you think about food can bring a positive effect on your weight loss journey. The secret lies in choosing your foods wisely and engaging in practices that make you eat less because you feel full or are too distracted to get cravings. As if enough hasn’t been said already, here are some tips on how to lose weight and feel full at the same time.

  1. Focus More on Fiber-Rich Foods

Foods that contain high fiber content often require you to spend more time chewing. Additionally, fiber tends to slow down the digestion and absorption of sugars. This is why fiber-rich foods are also high satiety foods. High-fiber diets also tend to have a lower caloric index. Therefore, foods like chia seeds, lentils, black beans, and asparagus are great additions to your weight loss diet.

  1. Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast and weight loss go hand in hand. Having a heavy meal in the morning prevents you from starving by inhibiting the hunger regulation hormone ghrelin. It also keeps your body fueled up for the entire day. Since you will eat less during the day, it speeds up your metabolism as well. It is best to focus on protein-rich foods for breakfast such as cereals and eggs for the best outcome.

  1. Keep Hydrated

If you’re so determined to lose weight, you will probably be hitting the gym on beast mode. You will also be observant about what you eat when dieting. Nothing helps ramp up your body’s metabolism more than water. In addition to consuming a significant amount of water throughout the day, remember to stack up on foods with high water content like watermelon, strawberries, cucumber, and yogurt. They also help your belly feel full.

  1. Take Smaller Meals and Snack Wisely

You probably know this one. One of the best ways to achieve positive results from a weight loss regimen is to spread your meals. Eating more frequently in smaller portions, you are actually keeping your hunger in check. Snacking on something with fiber and protein a few hours before the main meal can help lower your appetite, thus preventing you from overfeeding. To keep your portion sizes in check, you can try using smaller plates or bowls. This tricks your brain into thinking that you are actually eating a lot, thus helping you feel fuller. Cutting your meal into smaller pieces can also help you consume fewer calories compared to feasting on a large serving.

  1. Get Some Good Dose of Sleep

A person’s sleep quality is heavily linked to their body weight. This means that if what you eat affects your sleep, it may also affect your weight loss journey. To avoid going to bed hungry while still keeping your weight in check, you can consider snacking light before bedtime. Most importantly, take dinner at least a few hours before your slumber, so you don’t affect your ability to fall asleep.

  1. Steer Clear Of Junk

This one is an obvious walkover. Junk can make you feel full faster, but most of these foods are also designed to make you feel hungry faster. Most of them contain hunger-triggering chemical additives to benefit the manufacturer’s profits. To avoid giving your body too much unhealthy calories, avoid junk as much as you can.

Finally, you can accelerate your weight loss progress by taking more fatty foods. However, you will want to stick to healthy unsaturated fats because saturated fats can harm your health. Go for seeds, nuts, and oils from foods like flaxseed, safflower, and olive. The above are just a few tips to help you lose weight without intimidating yourself with hunger and starvation

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