How to Make Honey French Dressing at Home

Homemade French Dressing

Are you a person who is always conscious of his/her health? Do you take any serious measures to maintain your strict diets? Well, then I think you must be eating a lot of salads and vegetables without extra calories.

Today, we are going to make a recipe which is very healthy and will make your salads or any other boring food an interesting one.

I am talking about the famous Honey French Dressing. Yes, this dressing is very healthy and also adds to the taste of various foods that you consume daily.

This dressing adds a different flavor to your normal routine food and is very easy to make at home. I usually use this dressing with any food that I eat and it also suits your daily workout routine too.

Now let’s begin with making this Honey French Dressing recipe and for that, you will require some ingredients which are given in the table below.

Ingredients for the Honey French Dressing

Cider vinegar1/3 cup
Celery salt½ tsp
Onion powder½ tsp
Paprika1 tsp
Ketchup½  tsp
Honey½ cup
Vegetable oil1/3 cup
Salt and pepperFor taste

These are the ingredients that you will need for this recipe and if you are not having this at your home, you can easily get them from any supermarket store or grocery store near you. 

This recipe is very quick to make. You just have to wait for some minutes to make this at your home. So here is the time frame that will help you.

How Much Time it Will Take?

Preparation timeCooking timeTotal time
10 minutes              –10 minutes

So, now is the easiest part of this recipe, which I think you can do even without my instructions. Seems interesting right? So, let’s make this Honey French Dressing.

Honey French Dressing Recipe

Honey French Dressing recipe
  1. Take a large mixing bowl and add celery salt, onion powder, paprika and vinegar and whisk them together. 
  2. Now add the ketchup and honey and put it into the vegetable oil and continue whisking.
  3. Add the seasonings and salt, pepper and onion powder as per the taste.

Now you have made this Honey French dressing at your home without any extra efforts. Enjoy this dressing along with different salads. This dressing tastes best with the tarragon chicken salad as well do try this for sure.

Honey French Dressing Nutritional Breakdown

This dressing is really nutritious and helps to maintain your diet. So here is a complete breakdown of the nutritional elements of this recipe.

Cholesterol0 mg
Sugar17 gm
Protein0 gm
Fiber0 gm
Carbohydrates18 gm

How to Make this Honey French Dressing at Home | Video

This dressing recipe is very easy to make, but if you want to see the whole process, then here is the video that you can refer to.

Honey French Dressing Recipe
Video by Food Recipes

So that’s all, I hope you will like this Honey French Dressing recipe and will try this at your home. Make sure to tell us about your reviews and comments on this recipe in the comments section below. Take care and happy cooking.

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