How To Make Chicken Bowl at Home

Chicken Bowl

As a person who is a fitness freak and always takes care of his health, we become cautious regarding our health. According to a report, To remain healthy we should eat something full of color. The more colors of food on your plate the more colorful your life will be. To back this statement I am here with Chicken Bowl Recipe.

Each ingredient that is used to make Chicken bowl plays a crucial role to make us healthy. You must be thinking about the benefits of eating the Chicken Bowl. I will clear those first.

Chicken Bowl is full of proteins which helps to repair your body from injuries, if you add chicken bowl in your diet, it will help to keep your blood pressure low, decreases the risk of having Cardiovascular disease. Protein works as a fuel in our body which keeps us healthy and energetic.

You must be thinking like why I am praising Chicken Bowl too much because the day I started taking Chicken Bowl, I am a fit person. I started taking Chicken Bowl on the recommendation of the doctor because of my health issues.

When my doctor recommended me to have this on alternative days. I was not aware of the Chicken Bowl Recipe. So, I searched the recipe over the internet and by doing some variations, I made it, and Today, while making it at home, I thought to share Chicken Bowl Recipe with my health-freaks.

But first, we have to gather the ingredients require to make Chicken Bowl at home.

Ingredients For Chicken Bowl

For Chicken and Peppers

Lime Juice2 tbsp
Oil1 tbsp
Minced Garlic Cloves1
Ground Chili1 tsp
Ground Cumin1 tsp
Salt1 tbsp
Chopped Cilantro1 tbsp
Bell Peppers2

For The Rice

White Rice1/2 Cup
Chicken Broth1 Cup
Minced Garlic Clove1
Lime Juice2 tbsp
Chopped Cilantro3 tbsp

For Bowl

Romaine Lettuce Leaves5 Cups
Black Beans7 ounces
Corn7 ounces
Chopped Onion1/2
Chopped Avocado1

For Dressing

Olive Oil2 tbsp
Lime Juice3 tbsp
Chopped Cilantro1 tbsp
Crushed Garlic Cloves1
Brown Sugar1/2 tsp
Ground Cumin1/4 tsp
Salt1/2 tsp
Red Pepper Flakes1 tsp

Don’t be afraid of watching such a long ingredients list. You will get all of these from your nearby supermarket. No matter how long is the ingredients list but this recipe will not take more time of yours. Let’s see how much time it will take in the table below.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
15 Mins15 Mins30 Mins

In some steps of the recipe, you will find it tough but don’t worry you can easily make it. But to make the perfect Chicken Bowl, you need to follow each and every step that I’ve mentioned below.

Chicken Bowl Recipe

Chicken Bowl Recipe

For Chicken Bowl

  1. In a large bowl add lime juice, oil, garlic, cumin, salt, chili, and cilantro. Mix them properly with chicken thighs. Marinate it for 30 minutes for leaving it aside.
  2. On a pan over medium heat add olive oil and sear the chicken from both sides until it will turn golden for 10 minutes.
  3. When the chicken cooks wrap it in the foil and leave aside to rest.
  4. In the skillet add peppers and drizzle some oil with salt and pepper to season, until it chars.

For Rice

  1. In a pot over high heat add rice, chicken stock, and garlic. Mix them properly and boil while covering it with the lid until rice cooks.
  2. Mix the rice with lime juice, cilantro, salt, and pepper.

For Dressing and Assembling

  1. In a bowl mix all the dressing ingredients.
  2. In a bowl, add lettuce, beans, corn, onion and peppers with chicken strips. On the top add avocado by drizzling the dressing over.

Finally, you healthy and delicious Chicken Bowl is ready. This bowl is filled with a variety of different flavours and a goodness of healthy ingredients.

Nutritional Facts Of Chicken Bowl

To check how much health is Chicken Bowl, I have mentioned the nutritional breakdown of this recipe in the table below.


How To Make Chicken Bowl at Home | Video

To make it easier for you, I’ve added a video of the recipe of Chicken Bowl below. I highly recommend everyone to watch it before trying it for the first time.

Chicken Rice Bowl | Chinese recipe| Non Veg Rice Bowl Recipe | Varun Inamdar
Video by Get Curried

I hope you’ve liked the recipe. I recommend you to have it on an alternative in a meal. Do share your meaningful reviews with us in the comment section. And if you have any healthy recipes in your mind as well, also share them in the comments as well.

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